My First Telegram Bot

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I have though to build an application that automated my task. I usually do screen capture use print page as pdf after that convert it into images. I use print page because need the full pages. I know, why I’m not decided to find/create extension for that browser. I want this because I want not too specific browser. My solution should work for another task too. It’s good when I can cut some tasks.

My previous task is

  1. Print as PDF
  2. Open the PDF use GIMP
  3. Export as JPEG

The task will more complicated when I need convert much PDF. :( Also if I ended to use CLI tools that can convert JPEG also not really bring impact for me. So I decide to create a bot, you can just upload and receive the result. For me, that is easy task. :D

Finding the Libraries

The first time, I decide try to use NodeJS + Typescript to do this. I want to use this because I more familiar than Python. Unfortunatelly, I can’t find good libraries that meet my requirement to convert PDF to images. Maybe I’m not spend much time to find it, so I decide to change my plan. I use Python, I see the libraries very comfort to me.

The problems

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Yeah, I have code and debug about +6 hours. I’m not familiar with Python also my big problem is Documentation. Why? I think, I wrong to decide the telegram libraries that I will be used. I use a library that not bring me enough documentation, how to process the file, how to process the upload file, my core code not explained at the docs! I need to find out from issues, commit, and the source code itself. It bring me some frustration situation.

The Result

You can see my result in my instagram. :D Actually this is really spend much time. The first taught, I will do it in small times, but no, so sad for me.

I also want to share my Github Link. Feel free bring me some suggestion to update it! I’m so sorry not bring full details how technically I create the bot. You can ask me for the details if you need. :)

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Next step

For the next step or my next plan, I want to add feature to have image recognition. Such as for classification. I also think to have text classification about News Categories, but it is about HOAX! So my idea, you can only bring me the link, I will give you the classification, is it the news HOAX or not. I am really interested with the Machine Learning or AI for now. How wonderful. Thank you so much for read my little article.

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